This incredible rescue story can only be described as a miracle. A nameless archer’s arrow pierced through the kitten’s lower back, but miraculously spared any vital organs. Although the spine was affected, the cat is still alive and showing signs of strength. The cat, named Emily, was found on the streets with a thick arrow protruding from her body. Her story quickly spread through local media and received widespread coverage..

Every day thereafter, numerous people called the veterinary clinic to inquire about Emily’s recovery and well-being. Initially, the doctors provided a pessimistic prognosis, stating that it would be challenging to recover from such a trauma. However, they later mentioned that the cat might even be able to walk if a wheelchair was provided. Currently, potential adopters are being considered to provide a loving home for the cat.

Interestingly, Emily was initially believed to be a stray cat, but she was already spayed and fully domesticated. According to the veterinarian, she will likely find a true forever home unless, of course, her owner shot her intentionally. “It’s all very sad,” the doctor sighed. “Such things shouldn’t happen to house cats who are accustomed to being cared for. Let’s hope justice is served,” he added.

Meanwhile, special services are diligently searching for the unidentified shooter. Although the identification numbers on the arrow were missing, indicating that the archer deliberately broke it to avoid detection, investigators hope that widespread publicity of his crime, which could lead to severe punishment, will eventually lead to the capture of the “hunter.”

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