Key is a very vocal Husky who has no problem letting everyone know what he thinks about the weather reports he keeps hearing about. All he wants is to go outside and play.


He sits comfortably on a couch while watching the news, but he doesn’t stay quiet for long. The weather reporter comes on and starts talking about rain. Key doesn’t like hearing this at all.

Beside Key is his human friend. She asks him what is bothering him. It’s always raining, but Key wants snow. He talks to the tv, hoping the reporter can hear him.

Every time they mention rain, Key howls with frustration. It started out with slight annoyance, but all the talk about rain is really getting on his nerves. He should be the weather reporter instead.

Key definitely knows he can do better than the people always talking about the weather that isn’t snow. They’re always talking about the same thing. He even tries to hide behind the couch, so he doesn’t have to listen to them.

At one point, he watches the news with a determined expression on his face. His bright brown eyes looked closely at the weather. Key, of course, barks at the report.

He has had quite enough of their talk about rain. When he becomes a weather reporter, it will always snow or maybe rain waffles and biscuits for him to eat.

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