K’eyush, or Key for short, furiously searches around the house looking for a surprise that his friend hid from him. Key is a cross between a Husky and a malamute.


He is intelligent, humorous, energetic, vocal, and playful. His coat is thick and beautiful, and he has big bright brown eyes. Apparently, there is something for him but is hidden from him.

Huskies are known for their vocal abilities, but one husky in particular has taken it to a new level. Meet Loki, a two-year-old husky who loves surprises, but hates waiting for them. His owner, Sarah, says that Loki is always curious and eager to see what she has prepared for him, whether it’s a new toy, a treat, or a walk.

But instead of waiting patiently, Loki expresses his excitement by howling, whining, and barking incessantly.

“He’s like a little kid who can’t wait to open his presents,” Sarah says. “He’s very adorable, but sometimes he can be a bit too loud and demanding.”

Sarah decided to film Loki’s reactions to her surprises and share them on social media, where they quickly went viral. In one video, Loki can be seen sitting on the couch, staring at a wrapped box on the table. As soon as Sarah tells him that it’s his surprise, he starts to make all kinds of noises, begging her to give it to him.


“Loki, you have to wait,” Sarah says. “It’s not time yet.” But Loki doesn’t listen. He jumps off the couch and runs to the table, trying to grab the box with his paws. Sarah manages to stop him and tells him to sit down and be quiet. Loki obeys, but only for a few seconds. He soon resumes his vocal protest, looking at Sarah with pleading eyes.

“He’s very persistent,” Sarah says. “He won’t stop until he gets what he wants.” Sarah says that she loves Loki’s personality and that he always makes her laugh. She says that she tries to surprise him as often as possible, because she knows how much he enjoys them. She also says that she doesn’t mind his loudness, because he’s just expressing his emotions.

“He’s a very happy and spoiled husky,” she says. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Instead of waiting patiently, he looks around and even does tricks hoping he will get a treat. It doesn’t work, no matter how cute he looks. Key is very vocal with his frustration.

Key sniffs his friend and walks around her to check if she has his surprise on her. When it doesn’t seem like it’s there, he walks into another room to continue his search.

As he’s scanning everything, he snorts in frustration. He keeps asking to see it, but when he’s denied, he goes back to looking around. Key goes high and low, making sure all spots are checked.

The best solution is for him to bury his face in everything and start sniffing. When he thinks his friend isn’t looking, he sticks his nose into places he’s not supposed to.

His human friend stays firm in her resolve. Key asks again where it is, but she explains that he will get his surprise once he’s ready. He finally agrees to be patient.

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