A family from Ontario, Canada was greeted by a cat in their yard one day. They gave her some food and she just kept coming back. The friendly feline became a frequent visitor, digging and “dancing” along the screen door to get attention when she was hungry.

They later found out that the cat belonged to a family across the street and had been let outside despite the cold weather. The kind neighbor did what they could to care for the cat and keep her warm and fed every time she came by.

The tabby blended into the community of strays and ferals, and had a litter of kittens that were sadly nowhere to be seen. She came back to her neighbor’s home one day in poor shape. They took her to the vet where she was treated for infections and wounds from being outdoors and being in fights with other animals.

When she came back and appeared to be pregnant again, the kind neighbor made it their mission to get her into a safe place. They reached out to Mellissa, founder of Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue, and got the expectant mom into foster care.
The sweet tabby named Hazel was so happy to have all the good food and comfort. “She got equally as excited for food as she did to see me. She took a few bites, came back to me so I would pet her, and went back for food,” Mellissa shared with Love Meow.

“She was such a happy girl when I brought her dinner, and always rolled around, stretched and showed me her belly.”

A few weeks later, Hazel gave birth to six healthy kittens in the comfort of a warm nest. She dove right into mommy duties, nursing her tiny hazelnuts while purring and making biscuits (kneading).

She ate to her heart’s content and cleaned up the food bowl soon after it was filled. Mellissa made sure that the momma had her replenishment available at all times, and came to provide love and support throughout the day.

“Hazel is the best mom and one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met! She’s always caring for her babies and after every little concerning squeak she has to check on them,” Mellissa told Love Meow.

At 11 days old, the kittens started to notice when Mellissa was in the room and would wiggle and waddle over to seek attention.

Maci, the kitten with tiger like markings, was the sassy one of the bunch. She tried to run before she could walk without wobbling. She quickly figured out how to purr and had a lot to say. “She is definitely the first baby to start showing their personality.”

Once they were big enough to move into an upgraded suite, the kittens were immediately on the move, trying to check out every nook and cranny.

“They are the bravest kittens I’ve ever had in my care. They are fearless and already ready to explore everything!”

Momma Hazel keeps a watchful eye on her babies and comes running if she hears their cries. She grooms them from head to toe and wraps her arms around them, so they can’t escape the bath.
“I’m so thankful that she didn’t have to give birth outside in the streets, in the snow or rain. She will eventually be spayed and never have to worry about being pregnant or giving birth ever again!”

Conner the tabby was the first baby to sample some kitten food after watching his mom eat from a bowl.

It didn’t take long for Maci to follow suit and learn to eat like a big kitty. One thing led to another, Evie, the grey and white kitten, also joined the breakfast club.

At five weeks old now, the kittens are thriving along with their doting cat mom. Whenever they receive a new toy or bed, they enthusiastically try to put it to good use.

Nothing beats a warm and purry cuddle puddle.

Maci who has taken the role of big sister, was the first to nap on a large scratcher and in the new hammock. She quickly got her siblings to join in.

Coco is the runt of the litter but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality.

“She is the most vocal of them all and will meow for attention, especially if she hears me enter the kitten room,” Mellissa told Love Meow.

Hazel is so pleased to be indoors with her kittens and have a loving foster family that caters to their every need.

Whenever she takes a break from her mommy duties, she comes up to Mellissa for attention and pets, soaking up the love.

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