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Steve Hamel was busy in the garage working on his jeep when he noticed a furry feline looking up at him. It would have been less strange if he already had a cat…

To his surprise, a long-haired ginger cat joined in, hopping onto the jeep as if she’d always been a helping paw.

Steve was surprised and simply couldn’t believe how relaxed the cat was.

“I’m just trying to fix my jeep. I don’t even own a cat.”

The cat seemed to like Steve, and he liked her too. She cuddled up on his shoulders and demanded his attention. It was adorable, but where did she come from?

As Steve worked, she stayed on his shoulders, then climbed onto the crane and surveyed the jeep. Later, she snuggled up in his toolbox as if it were her bed.

It was an unexpected day with a little helper indeed.

Steve searched for the cat’s owners, but she had no microchip, and no one was looking for her. He asked around the neighborhood if anyone missed this sweet ginger feline and said:

“If we are unsuccessful we will be keeping the cat. She is quite a love.”

His family adored the cat, and his daughter named her Sally for the time being. They got her some cat stuff and enjoyed her presence.

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