This child has more sense than adults, a beautiful soul…!

This compassionate boy will warm your heart and soul.

Being an animal lover. Thank you for every rescue

Seven year old Roman McConn is on a mission to save dogs. The caring boy focuses on the oldest, most unwanted animals that are on the [eu.thanasia] list in shelters and helps them find a home. So far, he has saved over 1,300 [un.wanted] dogs and 40 cats.

Roman began rescuing animals when he was four, with the help of his mom, Sully. Roman is a real life [dog whisperer].
He spends his time getting to know each of the animals. Helping the dogs [do things] is what he does best.

Roman’s love and commitment to the most unwanted animals is written all over his face.
According to his mom, he lights up like a Christmas tree, whenever he learns that another animal has found their forever home.

He certainly is inspiring and it’s easy to see why he was named Kid of the Year by the ASPCA.
Thank you, Roman, for saving all these dogs & cats! You’re an awesome kid with a wonderful future!

This story just warms our heart and soul! Love his story.

God bless his beautiful heart!

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