Bowie the cat got his name thanks to his unusual appearance.

The beautiful kitty was born with different colored eyes and when his adoptive mom Maria Lloret first saw him, she knew that she had to name him after the famous singer David Bowie, who had different colored eyes just like him.

While David Bowie’s mismatching eyes came from a condition called anisocoria, in which his pupils differed in size, Bowie the cat’s dual eye color is due to a condition called heterochromia.

Lloret shares beautiful pictures of Bowie and his striking eyes under the handle bowie_the_ cat and we just can’t get enough. Take a look at our favorite pics below.

Heterochromia causes changes to the body’s pigment which often results in two different colored eyes.

Cats with heterochromia are sometimes referred to as “odd-eyed cats”

Odd-eyed cats are usually white, but they can be any color as long as they carry something called the “white spotting gene”.

Bowie is an adventurous and charismatic kitty whose personality matches his dramatic look.

He lives in Alicante, Spain, and loves going on adventures with his mom.

The sweet cat was originally living on the streets, before being taken in by a veterinarian’s office.

He was then adopted by Lloret and has been living with her ever since.

His beautiful eyes have made him a bit of a celebrity online after he made his Instagram debut.

There’s just something about those eyes that draw you in.

We’re so glad that this beautiful rescue kitten is getting the love he deserves.

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