For all the abandoned puppies, it is difficult to survive on the streets where many times they do not know what to do to feed, now imagine a completely disabled and disoriented puppy locked in an abandoned box in the middle of the road.

This is exactly what happened to a helpless puppy who was rescued on the side of a road in New Jersey.

This is an overweight 8-year-old Chihuahua.

The puppy was rescued by animal rescue officials along 80th Street in Paterson, the puppy later named Stanley weighed about 20 pounds, more than twice the size of an average Chihuahua.

Wasting no more time, rescuers moved to the Ramapo-Berge Animal Shelter. Megan Brinster is the executive director of the hideout, commenting:

It should weigh 3 to 4 kg, maximum five kg. So, for him, he’s about half the weight to lose.”

Due to obesity, young Stanley could not walk, he had to crawl to try to move, which caused his legs to be completely deformed.

While Brinster doesn’t rule out that his leg problem predated his obesity, it got worse as he gained more and more weight.

The skin on her belly had some lacerations.

Although his caretakers were unaware of Stanley’s past, they couldn’t imagine how anyone could leave him in such a helpless state. For this reason, the director of the shelter commented:

Unfortunately, I think people can only do things with animals you don’t want to. We hope that once you lose weight, you will gain mobility.”

Fortunately, he is now in a safe place and a foster home has been found for him. Your new family is ready to help you in this long-term transformation that is just beginning.

Thanks to all the rescue team and his adoptive mother, he has managed to lose a few kilos.

The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Shelter is committed to being a part of this change, to help you they are working hard to raise money, they hope to get you a custom canine wheelchair that will help support your hind legs and you will be able to move around without rubbing your stomach on the floor.

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