Little puppy shivering in shock to endure the cold and fear on the street dark night…

The puppy’s story started with fear and sadness, but it’s a story of resilience and hope. When the puppy was first reported to the vet clinic, no one knew what had happened to him. He was found alone with a fisherman, and the puppy was in bad shape. The staff didn’t waste any time and immediately took the puppy in, hoping to help him recover.


After a while, the puppy’s condition began to improve, although he had neurological symptoms and difficulty moving. He showed determination and strength, despite his challenges. With great effort, he could stand and feed himself with the help of many people. The vet clinic staff continued to monitor him closely, conducting tests to better understand his condition.

Finally, the first results came in, and it was good news. The puppy was negative for toxo and neospora, meaning he didn’t have any serious infection. However, the puppy still had motor and nerve problems, and the staff suspected it might be due to a hard blow to the head. They were all hoping it wasn’t anything more serious, like distemper, a highly contagious viral disease that can be fatal for dogs.

The next test confirmed their hopes, and the puppy was negative for distemper. The staff was overjoyed. They knew that the puppy still had a long road ahead, but they were determined to help him fully recover. Although the puppy couldn’t take a shot yet, he was already receiving love and kisses from everyone at the clinic. They were all rooting for him, and their love and care gave him the strength to keep fighting.

The puppy’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of never giving up hope. It’s also a reminder that there are still many animals out there that need our help. We can all do our part by spreading awareness, sharing stories like this brave little puppy’s, and supporting animal health initiatives. Thank you for your support.


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