In the wild nature, the most intelligent and affectionate animal is probably the elephant.

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. Currently, the elephant family has 3 living species: Asian elephants, forest elephants and African grassland elephants.

That day, when Mithun was on his way to visit, he suddenly heard the sound of Bonnet monkeys screaming. When the convoy had gone a little way to find out what had happened, it saw a herd of 10 adults and 2 young elephants gathered in the middle of the road. But that’s not all, from afar a pack of Indian wild dogs (fire wolves) about 13 are scouring in search of prey.

After discovering the elephant herd, the first thing the fire wolves do is try to separate the elephants individually by causing chaos.

However, the elephants proved to be taller. The adult elephants built a giant wall to protect the baby elephant, and then a brave elephant rushed forward to distract the dogs.

It seems that the safety of the baby elephant is the top priority, the bravery of the mother has given the herd time to move to a safe place.

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