Mike Flanagan is a loving family man who one day decided it was time to welcome a very special dog: a Rottweiler puppy. Just by looking at it he knew it was the right one for them, but there was one small detail that worried him: he wasn’t sure it was the right animal for Peggy Allen, his mother- in-law.

She likes all dogs. But she is older and  she is very small , so maybe dogs that big are not the best option.”

Indeed, Peggy’s first impression upon seeing Gus already caused many to suspect that they would not have the best relationship . She explained to her daughter that she had always preferred small dogs and that she couldn’t imagine being friends with a Rottweiler. However, Mike never gave up hope that everything would work out, and he quietly waited for the charms of cute Gus to win Peggy’s heart.

Grammy likes quiet and having her own space. It seemed like they wouldn’t get along, but it’s surprising to see how quickly they have started to like each other .”

One of Gus’ favorite things, despite his large size, is to sit on his humans’ laps to receive all kinds of cuddles. Peggy was quick to teach him that he could only do that with her once she invited him. Months later, Peggy visited her family again this time for a very sad reason. Her husband had lost his life and needed a few days with his loved ones to recover.

Peggy recently turned 80 years old.

Gus was then 9 months old and weighed 100 pounds , but he was determined to give Peggy all the love he could to help her get through this difficult time.

Gus didn’t leave his side the entire visit . He slept next to her bed. He was waiting for her outside the bathroom. When he saw her coming towards him she let out a huge ‘AOOOOO’ of happiness.”

Since then, Peggy and Gus became best friends . The clever Gus knows how to do his best and gives each member of the family what they need most.

Play with my son. He snuggles with my daughter. It has proven to be the best medicine for my wife’s anxiety. She feels safe knowing Gus is there. He is always ready to give us love .”

This adorable and huge Rottweiler has managed to win everyone’s hearts, especially grandma’s by supporting her in one of the most difficult moments of her life.

We invite you to share the beautiful love story of a Rottweiler and a sweet grandmother.

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