In a heartwarming tale of rescue and freedom, a mother elephant and her calf have found solace and a new life at the Elephant Nature Park (ENP).

The founder of ENP, Lek Chailert, was contacted by an elephant camp owner seeking assistance in rescuing and caring for the distressed mother and baby. Due to the camp owner’s illness, he had to leave the elephants unattended for nearly a year.

The mother, Bunma, is 16 years old and gave birth to her calf named Chaba in May of this year. However, the baby elephant was in poor condition. Thanks to the Elephant Nature Park’s efforts, Chaba and Bunma were rescued and brought to safety.

During the journey, Bunma showed some concern at the sound of passing cars, but eventually, they arrived at their new home, free from chains

The Elephant Nature Park expressed gratitude to Noelle Weiss and all those who contributed to the daily care of the mother and baby.

On August 12, which coincided with Thai Mother’s Day and World Elephant Day, the mother and baby celebrated their first day in their new life at ENP.

After just one day, Bunma finally had enough milk to nurse her baby Chaba, thanks to love, supplements, and a nourishing diet of delicious veggies and fruits.

Video Mother Elephant And Her Baby Eagerly Run To Freedom 1

Both mother and calf are now more relaxed and embracing the beautiful life they never knew they could have in their forever home.

Elephant Nature Park, located in Mae Taeng District, approximately 60 kilometers (37 miles) north of Chiang Mai City, is an elephant sanctuary and rescue center.

Co-founded by Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, a prominent Thai animal rights activist, the park spans 101 hectares. Currently, it provides a sanctuary for over 35 elephants, many of whom were rescued from the tourist and illegal logging industries.

This sanctuary was established to offer a safe haven for elephants that are no longer in service to humans. Through conservation efforts, these majestic creatures are protected and allowed to live happily.

You can witness the conservation efforts firsthand at this elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Northern Thailand.

Elephant Nature Park is a haven for elephants and a popular tourist attraction in Chiang Mai. The reserve is dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating not only elephants but also dogs, cats, buffaloes, and various other animals.Visitors are even invited to feed and bathe the elephants, providing a unique and up-close experience.

Lek Chailert’s incredible work with elephants has earned her numerous awards, including being named one of six Women Heroes of Global Conservation by Hillary Clinton.

Thanks to Lek’s tireless efforts, the Elephant Nature Park has transformed into a true “heaven for elephants,” providing these magnificent animals with the care and love they deserve.

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