If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a Norwegian Forest Cat in person, you’re missing out. These stunning felines are similar to Maine Coon cats and have a larger build and majestic coats that are simply irresistible to pet. Often referred to as Viking cats or Wedgies, Norwegian Forest Cats have earned their title due to their resilience and ability to survive in the harsh climate of Scandinavia. Their superior hunting skills and waterproof fur coat have allowed them to prosper in the wild for generations. Aslan the Forest Cat is a prime example of a Viking cat – he’s strong, brave, bold, and incredibly fluffy. Alongside his loving humans, he embarks on mini adventures in the forests of Sweden. His photographs are nothing short of breathtaking and evoke a sense of wonder straight out of a feline fairytale.

As per his profile on social media, Aslan claims to be the “King of the Forest”. After taking a gander at his splendid photographs, I must say that he truly lives up to that title! Well done, Aslan!

Aslan the forest cat

Aslan is in awe of the stunning Swedish sky, taking in all of its magnificent beauty.

aslan the forest cat

It’s quite evident that Aslan, the Forest Cat, is also fond of snow, just like any other enthusiast.

Aslan the forest cat

Aslan the forest cat

Check out this nostalgic photo of a tiny Aslan kitty…those eyes are just adorable!

Aslan the forest cat

It’s not just in the forest where Aslan likes to have his fun. Occasionally, he enjoys showing off his charisma at home in front of the camera as well.

Aslan the forest cat

Aslan the cat

Are you a fan of Aslan the Forest Cat? Catch up with his exciting feline escapades on Instagram by following his account. Moreover, if you’re interested in gaining more knowledge about Norwegian Forest Cats, also known as Viking cats, do check out my exclusive article dedicated to these majestic creatures.




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