In India, caracals have been classified as critically endangered. The African savanna is home to this cat. It is a rare exotic cat in India.

India’s monarchy preferred them as pets. Who kept them as small-game hunters.

The National Board for Wildlife has recently designated caracals as critically endangered. The species is found in Gujrat and Rajasthan, according to The Times of India.

The Union Forest Minister, Prakash Javdekar, announced the news on Twitter. He also proposed a plan to help the caracal population recover. To secure the wild cat’s protection, the Wildlife Board will order a special breeding program.

First and foremost, an assessment of the cat’s current population will be made. The habitats of these animals will then be examined. Finally, a breeding program for the cats will be established. The Board will also work to enhance their living conditions. As a result, if necessary, caracals might be produced in captivity. This idea, according to a top official, is akin to conserving the Indian bustard.

Caracals are among the quickest wild cats in the planet. As a result, they are almost perfect hunters. Caracals, like the majority of predators, are carnivores. Their food includes birds, rodents, and even small monkeys.

Their powerful rear legs allow them to leap up to ten feet in the air! As a result, they can catch birds in mid-flight with ease. They will also occasionally climb trees like leopards to get their food. This has been confirmed by National Geographic.

Those who are familiar with internet memes may recall the phenomenon known as “Big Floppa.” This is a story of a pet caracal. The cat and its owner eventually became well-known on the internet. They were the focus of several memes. This entire collection of content was dedicated to everyone’s favorite caracal.

This is unquestionably a significant achievement.

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