The Turkish Van cat, also known as “Van Turc,” is a renowned breed recognized for its soft and luxurious fur, characterized by its pure white color. However, its most distinctive feature is the unique patch of brown or black fur on the top of the head and back. The eyes of Turkish Van cats are typically green or amber, contributing to their attractive and elegant appearance

let’s learn more about Ere together,

Ere has a velvety soft fur, characterized by its pure white color and warm golden eyes. Her unique feature is the patch of brownish-yellow fur on the top of her head, creating an irresistibly attractive and elegant appearance that is hard to resist upon first sight

Ere is very friendly and lively, enjoys playfulness, running and jumping, particularly having a fondness for water.

Ere is renowned for her curious, intelligent, and friendly nature.

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Feeling hungry suddenly, huh?

I’m too exhausted to go out side!!!


Let’s run


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