After being rescued from the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana along with their mother and other littermates, two kittens gained the fortitude they needed to survive in life with the help of their foster family.

The kittens with their feline family, Flower and Bloom, came at the Indianapolis-based animal rescue group Indyhuman. All of the kittens moved into a foster home when the mother cat had completed rearing her young and was prepared to find a forever home.

Blossom, a cat who had lost her sibling, was being cared for by Jennifer, a volunteer at the shelter. Jennifer wished to match Blossom up with a friend.

When she found out about Flower and Bloom, she thought they were the perfect candidates to become best friends with her kitten Blossom.

In order to give both kittens the attention they required to flourish, she made the decision to foster them and took them into her house. When the feline sisters first moved into their new house, they were a little timid and kept afraid together on their new bed, but soon things started to change.


Jenna explained:

They have a separate apartment (corral) in the foster room just next to Blossom’s. They will live together if everyone is healthy.


When Jennifer arrived to check what was going on, the sisters put on furious expressions and started to meow loudly and create a commotion in the pen.

Apparently, Flower and Bloom hadn’t had much contact with humans, but they were slowly getting used to their keepers. Bloom, the little tortoiseshell, was the stronger of the two and had a lot of meowing in her little body and a lot of bravery in her eyes.

Jennifer commented:

“She hisses at me for a second, then wants to climb all over me.”

Flower is much more shy, but when Jennifer is in her pen, they both come out confidently, start running, playing and climbing on her body.

The sisters started yelling to catch the attention of their human family after a few days when they recognized that they had good intentions. Bloom has a strange physical make-up, a split hue on his face, and two-toned paws in addition to being brave.

   After several days, the sisters realized that their human family had good intentions, and began shouting to get their attention. In addition to being brave, Bloom has a curious physical appearance, his face has a split coloration and his paws are also two-tone.

Bloom was born with interesting features resembling that of a chimera cat, but only a DNA test could determine if she is. The truth is that his beautiful face has a perfect line in the middle that divides the two colors and extends to his neck.

In addition, the little girl is showing her tender side and her fighting energy is contagious to her sister, which helps her a lot. The little cats are noisy and make themselves known whenever Jennifer is around, and soon their personalities began to emerge.

Bloom usually plays with her sister, but when she’s done she runs to her human mother for lots of petting, cuddling, and attention. In a short time, the duo will become a beautiful trio with the company of Blossom, although they are very small, the combination will be very powerful.

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