Carl and Lenny are two adorable kittens who love to explore and play. But they had a very hard start in life. They were found with their 2 siblings when they were only 10 days old, without their mom.

Hard Start in Life

These kittens had been through a terrible winter storm in Austin, TX, and they were wet and cold. Megyn, the Kitten Konnoisseur, took them in as foster kittens from the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. She noticed that they were very weak and sick.

They had blood on their heads, and one of them couldn’t move her back legs. Another one had trouble breathing. They were so cold that their temperature was not even measurable. It was a very serious situation, and sadly, the two girl kittens didn’t make it.

The Battle for Survival

Megyn is a fighter who has saved many cats and kittens and helped them find their forever homes. She didn’t give up on Carl and Lenny, who slowly recovered from their ordeal and started to grow and thrive. They are on their way to becoming healthy and happy kittens who could be adopted one day.

The Journey Just Began

When the boys reached one pound and one month of age, they learned how to eat solid food. Lenny was very excited about it and decided he didn’t want the bottle anymore after smelling the big kitten food.

Megyn said that the boys have their own personalities and that Carl made her fight so hard because he purred as soon as she touched him. He is very sweet and calm.

Megyn also said that Lenny is very funny and cuddly. He sometimes falls asleep while playing on his back.

Sibling Kittens Who Are Best Friends

Carl and Lenny are best friends who always cuddle with each other. Lenny likes to wrap his arm around his brother during naps.

The Siblings Make a New Paw Friend

Carl and Lenny have a new and older friend who is teaching them how to be cats. Oliver is a nice cat who is recovering from some injuries at Megyn’s place. He was shy at first, but “the kittens loved him right away.” Lenny and Carl won him over with their cuteness.

Megyn mentioned how Oliver appreciates the presence of the kittens and wants to be with them always. As a result, he watches them snuggle and play, and they love him back and look for him. The company of the two sibling kittens is helping Oliver with his recovery.

The three of them became a “BRO SQUAD” who are getting stronger, healthier, and ready to find their forever homes!

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