Recently, images of a perfectly round chubby cat have been rapidly shared on social media. In addition to its plump white body, resembling… a pig, this cat also boasts a legendary black fur pattern on its head. This distinctive feature is what makes the cat the focal point of attention and interest.

Thanks to its distinctive appearance, the chubby cat quickly gained a large following on social media with countless playful comments. Up to the present moment, netizens are actively seeking information about the cat as well as its owner, inquiring about the secret to “transforming a cat into a pig.”

Thanh Loan wrote: “Where did this adorable cat come from? It has become motivation for me to feed my lazy-eater Miu. I am determined to find the formula to make Miu as chubby as this one.”

Let’s admire these irresistibly cute images of this cat together.

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