Grieving Senior Dogs Keep Snuggling Each Other For Comfort After Losing Their Best Friend

Poe, Finn, and Penny were an inseparable trio who loved spending time together and with their mom.

Each a rescue dog with a unique tale – Poe finding a new home at the age of 11; Finn rescued from a challenging hoarding situation; and Penny, a delightful addition to the family as a playful puppy.

Their unity and close friendship spoke volumes, but this poignant chapter unfolded when, at the age of 20, Poe bid a heartfelt goodbye, leaving a void in the dynamic trio.

Finding Comfort

The three rescue dogs really got along well.

“Poe lasted nine years with us. She was such a bright spot in our lives. After we lost Poe, Finn and Penny really found comfort in one another,” said Jillian, the dog’s mom.

Following Poe’s passing, Finn and Penny sought solace in each other, with Penny offering especially-comforting companionship to Finn.

She was there for him when he needed it the most.

“He looks to her for assurance, he waits for her to get in the car, he waits for her to go outside. He wants to do everything with Penny,” Jillian explained. “And when they get in the car together, they snuggle up and they just really appreciate what each other has to offer.”

In every car ride, Finn and Penny naturally curl up into cozy balls, finding comfort in one another’s company.

To enhance their comfort, their caring mom blankets them generously.

Their mutual peace and connection are truly remarkable, evident not only during playtime, but also as they nestle together on the couch when idle.

Cuddly Best Friends

Jillian likes to think of Penny as Finn’s therapy dog. 

“Penny is definitely the more confident of the two. And I think Finn admires that about her. He looks to her for that because he doesn’t have maybe that much confidence,” Jillian said.

In return, Finn saves parts of his meals for Penny because he knows that she loves food.

Finn is 14 years old and Penny is around 10 or 11 years old. Although she is still full of energy and such a free-spirited pup, she knows that Finn is getting older, so she’s much gentler with him.

“Finn’s bubble has always been really small and that’s a trust thing, right. There is likely no place he would rather be than with Penny,” Jillian explained.

The dogs greet each other with wagging tails and lots of sniffs whenever they are separated, even for a short period of time. “I’m pretty sure they are telling each other that they missed one another,” Jillian said.

They found safety and security in each other when they needed it the most. 

Poe, their forever companion, is surely looking at them from above with a huge smile on her face.

In the face of sorrow, dogs, just like humans, seek comfort in their beloved one’s presence, and the heartwarming bond between Finn and Penny is a beautiful reminder of that.

Take a look at their touching story:

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