Meet Kimbo, a golden retriever puppy who lives in New York City with his loving parents. He loves all the activities in the city and is always ready for a new adventure. For this reason, the noise and bustle of the city never much bothered him. But recently, he and his human, Marco, moved to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn, where people would celebrate Fourth of July Fireworks.

Kimbo was pretty nervous when the booming noises of the first fireworks sounded. He couldn’t stop barking, so Marco helped him calm his firework anxiety by rubbing his ears and giving him treats. But then suddenly, the barking stopped. Everyone went to see what happened to Kimbo and this is what they found:

Kimbo had climbed into the tub and a sweet 4-year-old girl, the daughter of Marco’s friend had decided to put all his favorite toys into the tub. Kimbo rested his head all his toys until the last fireworks burst. And soon, Kimbo was his normal, happy self again.

Like any seasoned New Yorker, Kimbo found the best way to keep calm during fireworks — and he got a bit of help from his person Marco, too.

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