In Pusan, South Korea, a stray cat was prowling near the Busan Police station when it arrived a policeman and began meowing loudly.

The officers discovered she had wanted to show them her big surprise – she was pregnant!

When they unfortunately discovered a previous litter of her kittens dead after being hit by a car, they had last seen her a few months prior. The mother cat had to observe from a distance as they had to bury the infants.

After that, she vanished, so they were thrilled when she unexpectedly reappeared later on while pregnant. She gave birth to her brood of four kittens this time, though, while staying very next to the guard post.

 The policemen, all doting on the cat, made a cosy bed for her and even cut the umbilical cord after her delivery.

 Because no one is sure where this stunning calico cat originated, they gave her the name “Molang,” which means “don’t know.”

Molang and her kittens now “work” at the Busan police station and everyone knows and loves the family.

The police play with the cats, feed them, and build them beds out of used boxes. At the station, which will always be their home, the four kittens are developing.

These charming cops are in charge of keeping Pusan’s town secure!

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