From early morning, reports began to surface about a dog that had been hit by a car. The dog was covered in sand and had a bad image. However, it soon became clear that the dog’s injuries were not just from the car accident. She had been shot twice by an unknown assailant, and the bullets had hit her spine, causing her entire right side to become paralyzed.

The person who found her was outraged at the cruelty of the people who treat dogs like garbage, worse than cockroaches. They decided to take the dog, whom they named Fiona, to a clinic for treatment. Fiona was a young, thin, and fearful dog who had no appetite and had to drink water through a syringe. The doctors had to wash and dry her to remove the sand before they could examine her properly.

Despite Fiona’s fear and growling, the person who found her persisted in their efforts to help her. They enrolled her in classes and provided her with treatment, and slowly but surely, Fiona began to overcome her fear and trust humans again. She became more confident and began to play and run like any other dog.

After almost two months of care, Fiona had made a remarkable recovery. She was no longer afraid and had become a happy and loving dog. The person who found her was delighted to see Fiona’s progress and was grateful for the support and encouragement they had received from the community.


Fiona’s story is a testament to the resilience of dogs and their ability to overcome even the most terrible circumstances. Despite the cruelty and indifference of some humans, there are always those who will step up to help and care for animals in need. Fiona’s transformation from a fearful and injured dog to a happy and playful companion is a reminder that every animal deserves love and kindness.

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