When IKEA initially released the bed Duktig, they probably didn’t anticipate that it would become an immensely popular cat bed.

Because the little wooden bed is actually meant for dolls.

However, people have discovered that the sleek and stylish doll beds make excellent cat beds, and now countless kitties have their very own miniature “people bed” to sleep on.

And IKEA is totally on board with this creative repurposing; they themselves have even donated Duktig beds to a cat shelter to serve as comfy cat beds for the rescue cats!

People are having a lot of fun making the beds as cosy and pretty as possible for their little kitties, and many have been sharing pictures of their furry sweethearts enjoying their nice new beds.

We’ve collected some of or favourites, and we hope you enjoy these creative bedding solutions!
(h/t: boredpanda)






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