However, it’s not necessary for you to consider getting a Bengal cat just because of the hype over a feline in Kortenberg, Belgium. This particular cat has gained immense popularity on the internet due to its stunning fur.

Meet Thor, a stunning Bengal cat who is three years old. This beautiful feline is a crossbreed of an Asian leopard cat and a domesticated cat. Bengals are known for their striking appearance, but owning them can be quite challenging due to their “wild” behavior. First-generation Bengals, which are produced from one wild and one domesticated parent, are especially difficult to raise as pets because they exhibit relatively “wild” behavior. Even later generations may show wild tendencies, making them challenging to handle. The Wild Cat Sanctuary in Minnesota receives nearly 20 calls each month from Bengal owners who are trying to give up their cats. Additionally, some U.S. states and cities have enacted laws banning or regulating the ownership of Bengals.

Thor the Bengal is a fortunate feline, possessing a unique combination of tiger-like stripes and leopard-like spots. Fortunately, the adorable cat seems to be cherished by many.

On Facebook and Instagram, Thor the Bengal has become a sensation thanks to his stunning appearance. He’s currently the most popular feline celebrity on both platforms.

Rani Cucicov, the owner of Thor the Bengal cat, was captivated by Thor’s irresistible charm when she discovered him at a cattery in the Netherlands in 2013. Despite initially intending to bring home another kitten, Rani couldn’t resist Thor’s stunning “orange brown” coat and fell in love with him instantly.

When Cucicov first laid eyes on Thor, she knew he was not your ordinary house cat. This was because Bengals, like Thor, are a rare breed that you don’t come across every day. In fact, whenever people in the neighborhood saw Thor for the first time, they were always amazed by his unique appearance.

According to Thor the Bengal’s Facebook page, there have been some amusing comments suggesting that Thor isn’t a real cat, and that we’ve simply photoshopped a tiger’s body onto him. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth – Thor is 100% real and hasn’t been altered in any way. While we may occasionally use filters or adjust the lighting in some of his photos, we never try to make him look like anything other than the stunning Bengal cat that he is.

According to Cucicov, Thor the Bengal appears alluring and enigmatic in pictures; however, he also has a playful and silly side. She revealed that he enjoys chasing flies, which is beneficial for them since they don’t have to worry about fly control in their house.

According to Thor’s owners on his Facebook page, the Bengal cat is known for being quite the chatterbox. He simply doesn’t stop talking and will continue to speak at higher volumes until he gets the attention he desires.

According to his owner, Thor the Bengal has a strong affinity for shrimps and goes wild whenever he catches a whiff of them. The enthusiastic feline reportedly makes a ruckus throughout the household until he gets his beloved shrimps.

Thor the Bengal is known for his bedtime routine that involves jumping on the walls in Cucicov’s living room or hallway. This ritual resembles that of a child who is reluctant to go to bed and occurs just a few minutes before Thor retires for the night.

According to Thor’s owner, when he finally settles down and hops into his bed, it’s a sign that it’s time for him to sleep. As per her disclosure, Thor enjoys having his belly rubbed while lying on his back and wouldn’t mind getting a paw massage every now and then.

At present, Thor is living the life of a typical indoor cat. However, his owner Cucicov can’t help but entertain the idea of creating calendars and posters featuring Thor due to the significant amount of attention he has been garnering lately.

According to Thor’s owner, the popularity of the cat on social media is an opportunity to raise awareness and support for animal rescues and shelters. She suggests that the proceeds from Thor’s popularity should be directed towards charities that help animals. Although Thor was not adopted from a shelter, his owner has great respect for those who open their hearts to unwanted animals and help them find a forever home. While Thor is undeniably beautiful, it may be more practical to admire him from afar rather than be inspired to own a Bengal cat of your own. Bengals are a highly active breed and require a lot of mental stimulation. They also don’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. Cat behaviorist Marilyn Krieger recommends that those interested in owning a Bengal should consider adopting from breed-specific rescues instead of going to a breeder.

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