In the deep forests of the African wilderness, life and nature still proceed according to ancient rules. In this wild world, male lions are symbols of strength and power, and to maintain their status, they must fulfill important goals – protecting their territory and having offspring.

One morning under a blue sky in the Sabi Sand region of South Africa, a lion horse named Simba stepped out of the vast grass. His goal is to find the lioness named Nala, with whom he has experienced many fierce fights to use the opportunity to fix his life.

Simba conducted a very careful search, using another army of lions and horses to examine areas within Nala’s territory and pinpoint his location. The search lasts many days, and each night, under the starry sky, Simba builds hope and emotion.

Finally, one morning, the noises of lionesses echoed through the forest announcing that Nala had appeared. Simba made no resistance towards the sound, and as he advanced, they met. This solution is the most reasonable of two hearts, the sublimation of love in the wild world.

Simba and Nala have reconnected strongly after their long separation, and they have started a new family together. This encounter is not only the fulfillment of Simba’s goal but also a moment of meaningful resolution to joy in the natural world.

Simba and Nala built their home and raised skillful and strong young lion cubs. Their love demonstrated the family’s strength and precious treasure, and life in the wilderness seemed even more beautiful to them.

Addressing Simba’s joy at accomplishing his goal with Nala is not only a personal uplift but also part of a story about life and love in the natural world. It honors the strength of love, sacrifice and determination of the Leo engineer in protecting his family and territory.

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