Just like human beings have different skin colors and hair colors, cats have different fur colors and patterns too. These unique fluffy creatures are made different among their own kind by the type of fur they have. We’re not only talking about fur color or length, but we are talking about uncommon fur patterns that you’ve most likely never seen before. From cats with eyebrows and mustaches, to the cute cat who looks like a giant cinnamon roll, these cats just won’t give up the throne of fame, so here they are again, making themselves trendy with the most unique fur markings ever.
1. Hamilton, the fancy cat with a mustache.

2. If Hitler was a cat…



3. This is biggest cinnamon roll you’ve ever seen.


4. Paco, the cat with the exclamation butt.

5. Sam, the cat with apologetic brows.



6. The cat with a cat on his back.

7. This “two-faced” cat named Venus.

8. This cat with marble fur.


9. This cat with an eye mask.

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