Bikes zoomed past without any sign of slowing down, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get up. Little Puppy – Rescue Channel received a tip from a bystander who spotted a dog near a pet store. Despite the heavy traffic, the rescue team rushed to the scene as fast as possible. However, upon arrival, they found that the dog was already lifeless, and onlookers were merely spectators to the heartbreaking sight. The rescue team tried administering CPR, but it was too late as the dog had already passed away.

The rescue team was informed about a puppy, who might be the brother of the one they were already rescuing, by a bystander. They quickly arrived at the scene and while taking a break and drinking sewer water, they noticed a little pup lying on the ground.

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Tears streamed down his face as motorcycles whizzed by without a care. Despite his efforts, he remained on the ground, unable to stand due to an injured leg that could possibly be broken.

Upon their arrival at the animal hospital, they promptly wrapped him in a cozy blanket, provided him with nourishment, and tended to his needs.

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