Let’s have a real quick math review. What is two plus eight? If you said ten – you are correct! That is exactly how many cats came to one woman’s house. The woman had been kindly feeding two stray siblings – the next thing she knew they had brought over their eight kittens!

The two mama cats are Apollo (who is on the right) and Artemis (who is on the left)

The good news is the stray cats are no longer strays! They were taken in and given a very safe home to raise their babies! Thi, Thoa, and Tram Bui from Lilo, the Husky were the lucky individuals chosen to foster the feline family!

The kittens were soon after given names. Here are Reese, Phantom, Salem, and Stella – they are Apollo’s kittens.

Artemis’ little ones are named Casper, Kit Kat, Jack, and Wendy.

How adorable! These four now have a brand new home, right next to their mother without worrying about the hard life on the streets!

This group is about just about a week younger than Apollo’s babies. Bui isn’t sure how Artemis and Apollo became strays, both females are very friendly.

Bui explained that while the two momma cats are nursing their little ones, they will often hug each other!

They will also take turns with babysitting detail if one of the two mamas is eating or resting. This house, according to Bui, was exploding with cuteness!


Bui was indeed chosen and that’s clear. The two mama cats wouldn’t have brought all their babies to her if she wasn’t a good, decent person. Animals always seem to know about people. In an update, Bui was delighted to say that all eight of the kittens found loving forever homes.

Happily, Apollo and Artemis do indeed have a loving home, and they stayed together!

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