Maine Coon cats are highly admired and cherished for their gentle and massive nature in the feline world. Their owners can attest that these cats have distinct personalities, habits, and charming daily attitudes that make them endearing pets to own. With several unique attributes, Maine Coon cats make fantastic companions for families. However, if you’re contemplating owning one or already own one, there may be some misconceptions or little-known facts about these furry friends. Here are seven fascinating and pleasurable facts about Maine Coon cats that make them an exceptional and exclusive breed to have. One of their remarkable abilities is their exceptional talent in trilling and chirping.

Maine Coon Chirping

If you’re a cat lover, you might have noticed that different breeds of cats make different sounds when they are excited or happy. Maine Coon cats, in particular, are known for their vocalization skills and can make some adorable noises when they’re feeling playful. It’s believed that this breed of cat chirps as a way to mimic their prey and catch them, but regardless of the reason behind it, it’s undeniably cute.

In addition to their unique vocalizations, Maine Coon cats also have a love for water. Unlike some cats who despise getting wet, these furry felines enjoy playing with water and even drinking from the tap. Whether it’s splashing around in a bowl or chasing after droplets in the shower, these cats aren’t afraid to get a little wet and wild.

Overall, Maine Coon cats are fascinating creatures with their own distinct personalities and quirks. So, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your life, cherish all the adorable sounds and water antics they bring into your world.

Maine Coon Bath

Although most house cats detest water, Maine Coon Cats are quite the opposite. They enjoy playing in and around water thanks to their water-resistant fur coat that covers their bodies. Owners of Maine Coons love how easy it is to give their cats a bath because of their fondness for water. The unique tolerance they have for water means that Maine Coons can often be found snoozing in washbasins or bathtubs. Another interesting fact about Maine Coon Cats is that they can grow into gentle giants.

Large Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are widely known for being one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds, with males growing to an impressive 25 pounds. Nevertheless, some of these felines have been recorded as even larger and have made it into the Guinness Book of Records. This breed’s capacity to grow to a considerable size compared to other breeds makes it crucial to monitor their growth closely and maintain a chart to ensure they remain in good health. Many people refer to Maine Coons as the “Dogs of the Cat World” due to their affectionate personalities and loyalty.

Maine Coon With Dog

Maine Coon cats are often referred to as the “Dogs of the Cat world” not only because of their size but mainly due to their unique personality and traits. These felines are known for their unwavering loyalty towards their owners and can often be found following them around the house. They are also extremely protective of their territory and may be apprehensive towards unfamiliar guests. Although they share similar characteristics with dogs, Maine Coons tend to be more independent and can keep themselves occupied while their owners are away.
One prevalent myth about these cats is that they are part raccoon, which is entirely untrue. The origin of their name is believed to have stemmed from their large size and bushy tails, which resemble those of a raccoon. However, Maine Coons are purebred cats and do not have any raccoon genes in their DNA. Despite this misconception, these cats remain one of the most popular feline breeds due to their loving nature and charming personalities.

Maine Coon Long Tail

There is a popular misconception surrounding the origins of Maine Coon cats, suggesting that they were the result of domestic or semi-wild cats interbreeding with raccoons. While their resemblance to raccoons due to their size and bushy tail may contribute to this myth, there is no scientific evidence to support it. Instead, it is widely accepted that Maine Coon cats were developed through selective breeding, which involved crossing short-haired domestic cats with long-haired cats from other countries. This process was intended to enhance certain traits, including personality and hunting skills, which can still be observed in Maine Coon cats today. Interestingly, some members of this breed were known to have six toes, adding an intriguing characteristic to their already unique appearance.

Maine Coon Six Toes

Maine Coon cats typically have five toes on each paw, but in the past, many of them in Maine, US had an extra sixth toe. This unique characteristic was believed to have helped them navigate snowy environments and catch prey more efficiently. Although this form of Polydactyl is now less common due to the sixth toe being considered undesirable for breeding Maine Coon cats, having six toes only adds to their charm and cuteness. Additionally, Maine Coons with this trait never lose their natural hunting instincts, making them even more fascinating pets.


Even though Maine Coon cats are now domesticated and don’t need to hunt for food anymore, they still have a natural instinct for hunting that they never lose. If you see them stalking prey outside, it’s probably just for fun rather than an actual need for food. These stunning cats were initially bred to hunt rodents like mice on farms and have become excellent hunters. Therefore, it’s crucial to give them the opportunity to practice their hunting abilities at home with cat toys and games with their owners.

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