Maine Coon Cats are commonly referred to as the gentle giants for good reason – they are one of the most loved cat breeds around the world. These felines can grow up to a whopping 20 pounds in weight and 40 inches in length. Their coats can be either medium or long, but that’s not all there is to know about Maine Coon Cats. There are plenty of fascinating facts about them that you probably haven’t heard of yet. So, here we’ve compiled a list of 14 surprising things you might not have known about Maine Coon Cats. Starting with number one, it is worth noting that this breed is among the largest domestic cats on the planet.

Maine Coon Cat resting on the couch

These feline creatures do not make the typical “meow” sound that we are accustomed to hearing. Instead, they produce a unique trilling noise that sets them apart from other cats.

Maine Coon Cat in a blue sky


Maine Coon felines have a hearty appetite and can munch on food throughout the day!

Maine Coon Cat in the kitchen looking at what its owner is cooking

Moving on to the next step, sugar is incorporated into the mixture…
On another note, these cats are quite amiable and easy to approach.

two Maine Coon Cats staring

These felines are not opposed to a game of fetch and will gladly engage in it without any complaints. And as you gaze into their eyes, they seem to peer deep into your spirit.

white Maine Coon Cat catching its toy at the park

Don’t miss out on number 6 – it’s worth mentioning that these creatures have a strong affinity for swimming.

Maine Coon Cat swimming in the pool

One interesting fact about Maine Coon cats is that they tend to use their paws excessively, even while eating. Keep on swimming like Dory and you’ll discover more fascinating things about these furry felines.

stretching Maine Coon Cat

Rise and shine, and give yourself a good morning stretch! Number 8 on the list is all about how much our furry friends love us and crave our company. They enjoy spending ample time with their owners and being by their side as much as possible.

girl hugging its black Maine Coon Cat

The promise of enjoyment led me to it…
#9 Strangers make these large felines cautious

gray Maine Coon Cat sitting and staring

Oh, how sweet.
#10 They are low-maintenance pets.

white Maine Coon Cat resting on a couch beside its owner

Their shedding is quite excessive and their luscious locks can be found all around the place.

black and grey Maine Coon Cat resting on the floor

Can you believe that there’s a cat breed out there that’s not only cute and cuddly, but also great at catching mice? Well, believe it or not, the Maine Coon cat fits that description! These kitty hunters are famous for their mouser abilities and are a popular choice for those looking to keep their home rodent-free. So, if you’re in need of a feline exterminator, consider adding a Maine Coon to your family!

Maine Coon Cat with a mouse

Wow, some people can be so unappreciative. That feline was a present! By the way, did you know that #13 holds the record for being the cat breed with the longest lifespan? And #14? They just love sleeping, it’s practically their favorite pastime.

sleeping Maine Coon Cat on a chair

I had a lot on my plate and ended up dozing off.

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