Martina Russo and her partner Fil regularly travel in their van, but they don’t come across stray dogs very often. Yet, when they drove in the Spanish countryside, they spotted a tiny dog chasing their car. At first, they thought the pooch was just playing a game. But the longer the dog ran, the more distressed she seemed. So, the couple let her inside and searched for her owners.

Now, the Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix is named Moxie, and she’s here to stay. After many ups and downs, she found a place where she belongs. What a lucky pup!

An Intense Chase

When the couple first met Moxie, it didn’t take long for them to realize that something was wrong. She refused to stop chasing the vehicle, which made them wonder why she was running in the middle of nowhere. So, they stopped to give her water and she gladly hopped into their van.

Martina and Fil looked everywhere for Moxie’s family. They checked every house in the area and even posted online, but no one recognized the dog. Eventually, they brought her back to the spot they found her to see if she would run back home, but she only wanted to be with them.

“We took her to the vet the next day, and turns out she was not chipped, not spayed, female, about one-year-old, fur very overgrown and full of gunk around the eyes,” said Martina.

It seemed like no one was looking for Moxie, so the couple decided to adopt her. After all, the pup had instantly formed a bond with them, so they knew she would be happy in their family.

Stray Pup Finds a New Home

Now, Moxie travels with Martina and Fil as they go sightseeing across Europe with their cats. Moxie is the perfect travel companion because she’s full of energy and doesn’t like to leave her humans’ sides.

“She’s very sweet and funny, very playful, loves our cats — to be fair, she loves everything and everyone! (especially cats and kids). We love taking her on adventures, and she makes us laugh every day,” Martina said.

Even though she’s small and short, Moxie has no problem keeping up with her humans. She loves going on hikes, even when she’s in the mountains. It’s amazing how Moxie found her way to Martina and Fil during a dark time in her life. It’s as if she knew they would be the perfect family for her, and she was right!

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