Size doesn’t matter. What’s a Lynx other than a big cat, really?

At least, that’s what these two furry friends seem to think, even though the rest of us might consider them an unusual pair.

A European lynx, living in a zoo in Russia, has made friends with a little stray cat and it is adorable.

It all started when the stray was roaming around, looking for food. She happened to come across the lynx enclosure and there she finally found something to eat.

 The bold little kitty wasn’t scared of the lynx inhabiting the enclosure and happily chowed down on the food.

Luckily, the lynx didn’t seem to mind that this tiny burglar had helped herself to her food.

Instead, she immediately made friends with the little cat and the two were bonded for life.

The cat was spotted by a zookeeper and, for her own safety, removed from the enclosure.

But the pair couldn’t stand to be apart from each other and the cat started sneaking back in and visiting her new friend every day.

Eventually, the zoo had to give in and realize that the two were meant to be together.

Now, the two cats are living together and are happier than ever.

They love to cuddle up together and groom each other.

They have a beautiful bond and show that true friendship runs deeper than any superficial differences.

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