The family just made the decision to decorate their back patio with chalk artwork. Even though Tage and Tali were itching to participate in the excitement, they were kept inside while they worked.

The chalk masterpieces were finished after many hours of labour, and the entire family was quite pleased of their accomplishments. Once they were finished, they let the cats out and decided to improve the chalk drawings right away.

When we finished chalking the patio, we let them out because they were sobbing at the screen, according to Rodger Sherman, who spoke to The Dodo. “They were covered pretty much right away.”

When seeing the chalk drawings, the two cats instantly began rolling all over them, smudging them and covering themselves with bright colors. The family couldn’t stop laughing at their rainbow-colored cats happily rolling and rubbing themselves all over their drawings.

Although most of the drawings didn’t stay intact, no one minded. It was clear that the cats didn’t want to destroy the chalk drawings, they were just trying to make some small improvements to the art.

The two noticed something was a little off about themselves after becoming entirely coated in chalk.

Sherman stated, “Tage seemed completely unaffected, but Tali was a little perplexed and recognized her error rather immediately.

Tali wasn’t happy that her fur was suddenly all different colors, but the family couldn’t stop laughing. The chalk, of course, came off quite easily — but the cats will probably get covered again the next time they go out on the patio.

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